Some Updated Tips On Logical Job Negotiation Methods

job negotiation

job negotiation

You may be able to find this out with some goggle searches – but if not, recruiters and staffing agencies in your field are also good sources for this kind of info. If you’ve been a profitable employee, your boss may respond to your resignation by making a counteroffer – whether you’ve revealed any details of your future plans or not. If the employer says no, accept the answer gracefully. By definition, it means using a situation or advantage to obtain a desired result, in our case, negotiating a higher salary. Skip Freeman, “head-hunter” Hiring Secrets If a new job is in the offing for you, at some point before nailing down the position, you’ll be involved in some form of negotiation, e.g., salary, number of holiday days, starting date, etc. For example, a law firm might pay its administrative assistants above the market rate, because they are critical to organizing the firm’s work and maintaining relationships with clients. Step 5. When you’re looking to gain leverage, it often comes as a result of having other options.

——————————————————————————– Arkadiy Dobkin, EPAM Systems Inc. – President & CEO [3] ——————————————————————————– Thank you, Lilya, and thanks, everyone, for joining us today. We had a strong quarter, joining in a solid first half of 2016, with Q2 revenue of $283.8 million. This represents 30.3% year-over-year growth and 33.9% constant-currency growth. to note that our guided growth for Q2 was 24% and, in constant currency, 27%. Our quarterly performance is above guidance as driven by the continuous growth in our existing strategic accounts spanning across all verticals and geographies. Adding to growth on ways, we have seen a good pipeline of new logos being added in each of our key geographies. Anthony will provide a more detailed update on our financial performance but, for now, I want to spend a few minutes on how we see demand and pricing going into the later half of the year. Let’s start with the most talked-about challenge in the market; the issue related to the UK decision to exit the European Union and its impact on overall economic environment. First of all, I don’t think it would be a surprise to anybody that, at this point, we do anticipate some downstream effect both in overall pricing and demand elasticity with several large key accounts in the BFSI vertical.

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