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Check if the agreement allows you to list your work for the company on your resume and portfolio – and if it prohibits you from mentioning the work, check how long that prohibition remains in effect. As a recent graduate, you may not have much “wiggle room” with regard to salary negotiation, depending on your field. Perdue remembers a time she offered a vice president position to a candidate who was so self-assured it ‘bordered on arrogance.’ browse this siteI’m very excited about starting, but am still waiting to hear back from several other organizations. Fast Company: “Jane Perdue, principal with the Braithwaite Innovation Group, cautions: Don’t negotiate just for the sake of negotiating. Don’t sound as though you are just shopping for the best salary. Is there enough interaction with colleagues and supervisors? Is there any way we can increase the starting salary?” In other words, some companies provide higher or lower pay levels to balance with their bonus plans, stock options, benefits and even intangible rewards. Be prepared to receive questions about your salary history.

job negotiation

job negotiation

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