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“A little bit of what I think people are disappointed about is that the creation of fantastic new things is taking a longer time than we had expected,” Back, who has served as deputy head of Ericsson’s strategy for over four years and first joined the company in 1994, told Reuters. The Cisco tie-up is a test of Ericsson management’s claim that it does not need a big merger to match Nokia’s acquisition of Alcatel Lucent. “There isn’t a silver bullet which can solve everything,” Back said when asked about big M&A, adding that organic growth remained at Ericsson’s core. Ericsson and Cisco aim to generate an extra $1 billion in sales apiece by 2018 by integrating IP and wireless solutions and collaborating to create new products, an ambition acting CEO Jan Frykhammar said still stands. PIGGY BACKING? In its quarterly report in July, Ericsson said that through its partnership with Cisco more than 30 deals had been closed to date, a good start towards reaching its 2018 sales target. However, some worry about the lack of real sales figures to prove the partnership is working. “It is difficult to say what it generates sales-wise, if Cisco helps and sells or if they just piggy back on Ericsson,” said Inge Heydorn, a fund manager at Sentat Asset Management which invests in telecom and IT shares globally but currently holds no Ericsson shares. “Because this is not known…there is definitely a concern.” One former high-ranking manager at Ericsson, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he sees problems with the partnership as both firms sell directly to some key telecoms operators and sales cooperation is difficult. A more limited fixed line partnership with Cisco in 2004 failed to generate any real value due to disagreements between sales forces, he said. Back said this time both firms had been working on better cooperation.

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