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5523 CHeimerman_SVM Students brought a lot of great questions to the Sauk Valley Media table Friday morning during the career fair at Dixon High School. I was surprised to find myself explaining the printing process, the papers history, and how folks go about putting ads in the paper (many apologies if I misrepresented my colleagues in advertising). My favorite questions, however, were the ones that when I answered them, the student said something to the tune of, Oh, duh. I shouldve known that, which I countered quickly with a confession: When I was a teenager, I didnt know many of those things they were asking me about, either. Sure, Im a newspaper geek now, but, honestly, with all the irons I had in the fire during high school, I didnt pick up a paper if I didnt have to. Theres a much more boilerplate lesson to learn here, though, one that is anything but limited to the newspapers operations: Its OK to not know, its OK to ask, and if you dont ask, you only have yourself to blame. If youre like me, you still do it. Something is brought up that you feel you should be aware of, if not be well-versed in, and pride gets in the way. You nod, maybe even smile, as a droplet of sweat trickles down the back of your neck. Foolish, foolish pride. Lets try to break that spiral, shall we?

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